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Conrad, Hugo, or Bob?

I'm still laughing from row-bot chikin, which is nice.

But I have to bring up something to get you guys' opinion.

So news just came out that Adam Shankman is directing a remake of Bye Bye Birdie.

So I was thinking, who should Zac play? Conrad Birdie or Hugo Peabody?

Then I realized that Adam is also about to direct (for Disney :() something called Bob: The Musical.

And, if Zac is going to be stuck doing musicals for awhile (which probably disappoints people), this might be one of the more interesting ones to be in.

This is what Bob: The Musical is about, according to John August who is doing a rewrite on the script:

"A high-concept comedy about a guy who hates musicals, who wakes up one day to find himself trapped inside one. It too had a well-chosen director, along with a studio that was very eager to make it."

"It’s really easy to see why the movie would be funny. In five seconds, you can visualize the trailer, the TV spots, and the one-sheet. You can hear what the star would say on Leno: “It’s a movie for people who love musicals, and especially for people who hate them.”

The director has actually changed... it was Mark Waters. But the awesomest news is that Marc Shaiman is writing the songs!

Other sources say this:

"[It] follows a mild-mannered man who suddenly hears the 'inner song' of people's hearts after being struck in the head."

So anyway, maybe making a movie about hating musicals would help Zac break away from them. Plus it is at Disney and we did see him leaving a meeting at Disney, although that might not have been with Disney, just coincidental to be on the Disney lot.

To tell you the truth, I think Zac is smart enough to realize he may not be able to break away from musicals and go completely to drama or comedy yet. You have to know and play to your demo/market if you want to stay successful/relevant, and being a money-maker in Hollywood is what gets you the next opportunity. Plus he seems to enjoy making them and always learns something from the process.

So if it means Zac keeps getting to work and thus getting even the chance to break out of musicals, then maybe the best path is doing musicals with a few indies or other projects mixed in. There is a lot about Hollywood right now that parallels the 30s and several of those musical actors were eventually able to break into more dramatic roles.

IDK, this is all just rambling and of course I just want Zac to be around for a long long time and to be able to do whatever he wants... but what do you think?

Conrad, Hugo or Bob?
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