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Dirty Grandpa Wraps

that's a wrap on dirty grandpa BLAHBLAHHHHYAYYY - zoeydeutch

That's a wrap!! With the best! #zacefron#dirtygrandpa #dirtygrandpacostumes#tybeeisland - motofoxx

Mommi!! Mommi!! Mommi!! #whereswaldo - jeffreybchapman

It's about to get dirty up in here @zoeydeutch @zacefron #AubreyPlaza #DirtyGrandpa #Georgia #TybeeIsland #springbreak #southerncharm #badkids - jeffreybchapman

Happy Mother's Day mom, love you with all my heart - @zacefron

^idk why he thinks he needs a butt double but okay.


oh p.s. i mean, i didn't hear the convo, but i'm inclined to believe the empire story was a joke reported too seriously, if only cause why would they reveal a sweeps cliffhanger at an upfront in may. js but who knows.
Tags: de niro, dirty grandpa, georgia, his ass, his ass: doubled, mom, papz, sami, social media

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