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MTV Movie Awards 2015

juddapatow, seems like only yesterday

^hft cat


1, 2, 3

Video for their winning best duo: LINK. I haven't found good videos for the other stuff but I'll keep looking.


Stuff from Max via E!
"There are maybe three times he's shirtless," the film's director, Max Joseph of Catfish fame, told me, adding that he feared there would be "riots" if he kept Efron completely clothed for the entire movie.

"He's shirtless and you get a good dose of it," Joseph said.


"It's not a flash but it's not like he's playing water polo for like six minutes or anything like that," he said.

And then he added that there is a—get ready for it—a shower scene! "There is a moment when he's in the shower and it's in slow motion," Joseph said.

If you haven't passed out by now, I should let you know that Joseph warned, "It's not what you think." (Darn it!)

...Shirtlessness aside, Joseph heaped mucho praise on Efron.

"He could be a diva. He could be very demanding. He could be late and all those things—but he's not," he said. "He'll go to the mat. He'll do something as many times as you want him to do it. He's just a trooper."
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