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New Project - Threesome

From TrackingBoard:
Zac Efron will star in Universal Pictures and Gary Sanchez Productions’ THREESOME. The adult comedy follows a high-powered businesswoman and her new temp who get drunk at a Christmas party, have a threesome, and both end up pregnant from the same man. Leah Rachel wrote the script, and Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are producing for Gary Sanchez.

This is pretty early in the process so who knows when it would start filming or even if it will work out at all... they don't even have a director yet as far as we know. As the source notes, Leah Rachel has sold several other scripts that haven't happened yet either, but the producers on this are decent so that's a plus. Also it is unclear how big his role is even. The old log line (2012) makes it sound smaller but it seems like it has possibly been rewritten:
After getting drunk a company holiday party, two completely opposite women have a threesome with a client, and both find themselves pregnant, forcing the women to sort out their relationships, careers and priorities.

I am also excited this seems to be a comedy with two large female roles, always nice to see... though how feminist it ends up being, who knows. I have so many dreams for the casting and director, lol. Anyway, glad to see another project on the table. Now just sitting here, waiting for Dirty Grandpa casting news, lol.
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