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Happy Birthday Zac!

Happy Birthday Zac! Here's to a successful and awesome year!

I don't have a cute birthday gif or anything but I did want to post this Firefly pic from a little while ago. It seems like a nice way to remember how far he's come and also how another year older means another year closer to being taken (more) seriously by Hollywood, lol.


Rollin with the homies!! Thanks to @DillonFrancis and @martingarrix for the coolest birthday ever. - Zac Efron on WhoSay


the_media_nanny (martin's publicist)

Romantic dinner with @zacefron - martingarrix ig

martin's fb

Happy Birthday @zacefron! I hope this doesn't stay in Vegas... Photo cred: @brettsbo. #WAYF - maxjoseph

Ok, I decided I have to *a* gif at least, so here, one of my all time favs.

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