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17 Again mention on the Today Show:

I can't get the embed to work, but it is here, around 2:05-2:35.

Summary: Meredith asks if Zac Efron is a real movie star and the EW guy says this is a test to see if he can carry a movie with little singing and dancing but that he thinks Zac has a natural charm (even if the movie is a derivative of Big, etc.).

I'm happy for the exposure this got the movie and him. I think that even if the movie is a little bit too much retread, Zac will do well. And fuck it, even if it/he sucks, we get to see abs:

eta: I decided I should probably add the CBS mention from here

Once again 2009 is going to be about teen power.

"Zac Efron is making a new movie this year, '17 Again.' It will be interesting to watch because he has to break out of that 'High School Musical' franchise. It's more of a comedic role. He is really headlining the movie this time."
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