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My one and only post dedicated to the extremely gross people who wish death on a stranger

I'm leaving these comments here as a testament to how malevolent these people are. And this will be the only time I do this because a) I want to have one lasting record of how disgusting they are and b) I want to use the opportunity to give everyone out there a huge suggestion:

Ignore these people.

They are bored trolls and their harassment and vindictiveness makes them look like far worse human beings than me and far worse human beings than Zac.

Do not answer them here, on justjared, on twitter or anywhere. Go a step further even and do not even mention them in any way, shape or form. Giving them any attention, gives them what they want. They want you to be annoyed, they even admit that:

So don't give them the satisfaction. Ignore people like badmoveefron, like ilovevh, like lalostangel, and whoever else pops up just hoping to tear him and now, apparently by extension, me down.

What's funny is, I know being a stan is a little weird. But at least I'm doing something because I like someone, not because I hate someone. Dedicating this much, or really any, effort to hating a stranger? That's much more bizarre to me.

Zac isn't perfect, I've always been honest about the fact that he's screwed up sometimes and he has made mistakes. But nothing I know (and none of them has given me any indication they know something I don't), makes me think he deserves this level of vitriol, especially from complete strangers. I mean seriously, gleefully wishing relapse or death on someone?

Trust me, I know shit like that makes you want to go:

BUT as hard as it is to ignore such vileness, bite your tongue and move on. Don't talk about, tweet or even subtweet them anywhere. They won't be reasoned with and all they see if they see you mention them, is that they got to you, they scored. You ignore them, and they fail. They are like toddlers having a fit. Put them in time out, block out their whining and go focus on something awesome.

And we have some awesome positives to focus on, like the projects Zac is setting up with great actors he reveres like De Niro... oh and meetings with fucking awesome directors, e.g. Edgar Wright (maybe more about that later, lol). Like the crazy ass money and good reviews Neighbors earned. Like how happy he has looked, hard at work on WAYF. Even like the fact that he's made an effort, though he may falter and suffer setbacks, to be sober, to find ways to be better.

In the future, I will be banning and screening any troll who makes comments like above and I will screen any comment that replies to or references troll comments because I don't want them to feed off attention. If you have concerns or even just want to express defiance of haters or whatever lol, please private message me. I do appreciate a quick heads up on twitter if you see something amiss though. Also re: twitter... I will mute, block and, if necessary, report anyone who is harassing me, Zac stans, or Zac. But, across the board, I will not answer or address or reference trolls and anti-stans publicly. Please do the same.
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