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Zef Abroad

people have asked me my feelings on this and why i haven't posted things sooner. idk. it's a bit more complex than this but if i had to sum my feelings up, it is sort of like a repeat of this:

with a little of this thrown in:

i haven't posted mostly cause i've been extremely busy with irl things, like off-the-computer-entirely busy. so... that was one thing. secondly, when it was just the instagram pics it felt a little weird cause generally he's usually really private about trips but obvs this dude is using him to further his brand. and yk, it's a trade off, the guy's generosity for showing his face. nbd. and tbh, the guy actually seems to have kind of a cool life mentality after reading some interviews with him. that said, i don't remember reading anything about him being sober. but the fitness part is great. and i have to say it is kind of nice seeing zac loosen up a little bit about his privacy. he's charming and cool and yet he buttons it up so much to protect himself, i think it is a positive thing that he's relaxing that a bit.

thirdly, i hate drama and really idgaf who he's going out with. but it cannot be avoided so here's the bit about the sober issue and this guy and more importantly mrod. we know zac will not always be around people who are completely alcohol- and/or drug-free. and because the majority of people drink (to focus on the legal activity), his friends and girlfriends will likely drink sometimes around him and that is ok and is just something a sober person has to deal with.

but i do worry about him being with someone who has a history of substance issues and hasn't really dealt with it on their own. and, from everything i know about her and with no disrespect, that is michelle. so this seems like a bad decision. i guess i just hope that she can at least not hinder zac's efforts because we know he has been trying despite what some of the misinformed or hateful gossipers say.

idk, it's just sort of like disappointing because yk on the spectrum of sobriety success, hanging around people with use issues is like minus 20 points but ik it's also really hard to give people up, especially when without them, how alone might you feel? lol i'm veering dangerously close to posting a 28 days gif so i'll wrap this up.

as someone who cares about him, however remotely, it stresses me out when he hangs with these riskier people and i totally get why it stresses everyone else out too. i don't think it is wrong to feel that and further, i reserve my right to call him out for possibly bad decisions. but in the end, zac has to be responsible for his own life and happiness, sobriety included, so it's all on him.

eta p.s. keep comments on an even keel or else, lol

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