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Roundup: More info on Bear's new show, possibility of 'Neighbors' sequel and a photoshoot outtake

Pic from NBC and they also have a description:
Adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls will take an A-list celebrity into the wildest and most remote locations around the world for the weekend journey of a lifetime. Their limits will be tested in high-octane, action-packed physical challenges as they jump out of helicopters onto the cliffs of Utah or swim with sharks in the waters of Panama. All the while, they'll endure the harshest elements in this epic excursion of empowerment. And if they want to sustain their bodies and minds, they'll have to forage for any food they can find in the wild. Eight A-list celebrities, eight remote locations and eight life-changing adventures!

There is another description at
Globally renowned adventurer and survival expert Bear Grylls takes a celebrity for a weekend of adventure in the wild. Over the course of two days, he takes the celebrity out of his or her comfort zone by confronting them with a series of physical and mental challenges as they traverse rough terrain and engage in survival practices in beautiful wild locations.

The celebrity has been asked to accompany Bear on this adventure and do as he does. Activities might include:
 Helicopter travel; rappelling or long lining; climbing; abseiling or rafting; crossing treacherous terrain; hunting; trapping and foraging wild food and or animals; sourcing and filtering water; building fires and shelters.

Bear and the celebrity spend a night sleeping outdoors in rudimentary accommodation, such as a manmade shelter, cave or tent. As well as the physical and psychological demands made of the celebrity, Bear acts as their ‘host’ and questions them about their professional and personal lives over the course of the two days.

Running Wild offers the viewers a rare chance to see the celebrity at their most vulnerable, and also, hopefully, at their most confessional.

Based on google news it looks like Ben Stiller is doing an episode too.

What Evan and Seth said about a sequel to 'Neighbors', best summary from The Wrap:
A ‘Neighbors’ Sequel Could Happen. Goldberg said he, Rogen and Weaver were having “a lot of meetings” about a potential sequel to “Neighbors.” While they would love to make one, “comedies tend to have shitty sequels.” Apatow has never made a sequel, though “This Is 40” spun off from “Knocked Up.” And “Neighbors” director Nick Stoller made “Get Him to the Greek,” a spin-off of his own “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

And that's the thing. Good sequels are hard. Good comedy sequels are really hard. It's been said a lot all over the place but a big part of Neighbors success was that easily marketable concept. 21 Jump Street rested on that easily sold concept a bit (along with its reboot to begin with foundation). 22 Jump Street will work because they could transplant the concept to a new place easily enough (allowing a good mix of familiarity with fresh jokes). But I think even they have said, where would you go for a third film in that series… they've exhausted the progression.

Neighbors I think has an even bigger challenge in recycling their concept. I know I've seen some ideas mentioned how to work in everyone (after their somewhat closed-ended coda), my favorite being Zac as the Radner's manny, but idk. But w/e, I loved Zac's character and if they could do it well, I hope they go for it. But it can't just be good, it has to be better than the first to really win.

new outtake src
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