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'Neighbors' Roundup - Zac's neighbor and more

Article: Assisting USA Today – Zac Efron portrait session, mdphotoblog
please check out the source for full size and for other set up pics

Generally speaking, I’m not big into the Hollywood lifestyle.  It’s a little too lavish and excessive for my taste but on occasion, it’s a great setup for some cool gigs.  My latest assignment was to assist USA Today photographer, Robert Hanashiro, on a portrait shoot for actor Zac Efron, in promotion of his new movie “Neighbors”, co-starring Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne.

Our assignment; get a few different looks for portraiture, and set up for a quick 5 minute video interview.  Our location; a small room in a chic Beverly Hills hotel.  The setup took about an hour and a half, where we assessed how much space was available, what our backdrop would be, and where to set up our lights and modifiers.  I can’t take much creative ownership in this process.  Bert’s the man at knowing what he wants and how to execute it.  As per usual, I just try to help out wherever I can.  Here are a couple behind the scenes images from the shoot.

From a technical standpoint, this shoot had its challenges. The room was small and the ceilings were low.  All in all we didn’t have much room at our disposal.  What made it easy was how cool Zac Efron was.  He was engaging, funny, and obviously very photogenic.  I had never seen Zac Efron in anything before, but after this experience, I totally understand his appeal.  He’s an easy person to gravitate to and just a great person to shoot.

Cinemax (maybe there will be more from them?)


Made in Hollywood

JoBlo with Nick

Black Tree with Seth and Rose

Can't embed: IGN: Favorite Batman, Fox 2 Now 1, 2, 3
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