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TBH I'm a little disappointed, not in Zac, but in one particular Manx

The producers and Linklater addressed this at the press conference, but on the Manx forums there is talk of frustration that Zac is not interacting with the crowds. User 'cock' (very original, btw) says:

I'd just like to add that there is a penis around who thinks he is above signing autographs or acknowledging all the kids queuing up every night for days on end to catch a glimpse of someone they thought is a nice guy. Maybe the Isle of Man is too overbearing in asking a Z-lister to stick their head outside a door for 2 minutes and do a bit of PR.


I've had kids home in tears tonight from following that tosser all week. Its the Isle of Man and he's out playing that Hollywood big shot thing - f**king grade-a w@nker - get your f**king arse out of the building and do 3 minutes PR you twat. Manx taxpayers are funding this you w@nker.

User studmuffin says:

Odds on Zachy losing his boyish charms and going the way of Doogie Howser, Macauly Caulkin etc etc etc and being on Celeb Big Brother within two years, an marrying Kerry "annoying iceland fuckwit" Katona

Soon as he starts shaving, game over

I'm pretty disappointed by this reaction. Yes, I get the kids are upset, but it isn't as if Zac is out partying and ignoring fans just to be a douche. He is there to work and he is working. And you've got to realize, meeting fans isn't a three minute deal, it would take hours to say hello to everybody. Or does user 'cock' just want the three minutes for his kids and screw the rest?

I think if anything, as a parent, I'd sympathize with my kids' disappointment but explain several things to them. I'd try to teach them to empathize with Zac as he is in a tough spot. He is on a tight schedule, working long hours, and the hysteria that erupts at these scenes, without proper security, would endanger not just him but also these kids. I would also teach them that we're in no position to judge his personality based on this, we really know nothing of who he is and it wouldn't be fair... judge not, lest you be judged.

Hopefully the producers can work something out for the kids, but I never went looking for celebs/actors/etc with any expectation of actually succeeding because so often you don't and that isn't anybody's fault, it just is what it is, life.

ETA: The irrational fangirl in me says protectively, do you blame him for not going out when you know that these girls are breaking into his hotel to stalk his room, climbing walls to get in to the Sefton?
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