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'Neighbors' Roundup - Mushrooms Featurette, more junket and radio interviews

Generic Junket Interview

Access Hollywood with Dave and Zac

Sunrise on 7


Fandango Weekend Ticket

Fox 4 Kansas City, Simone Boyce

Press Association

Radio Interviews

eta: full version of bbc radio 1 with matt edmondson in which they talk about zac singing in the bathroom before the interview

Can't embed Scoop with Raya, Circus Halligalli (winner of most unusual interview thus far), Fox 5 Las Vegas, Rachel Smith

Other things with other people

Seth on Howard Stern, fast-forwarded to the Neighbors bits.
Also if you aren't familiar with Howard Stern it is NSFW:

Access Hollywood with Seth and Rose

Slashfilm excerpt with Seth:
Part of what I love about this movie is the conflict between you and Zac [Efron]. Before he did this, it seemed like people were worried about casting him because he’s got this Disney/Nicholas Sparks thing. Were you worried about that at all?

No, not really honestly. I mean, I’d met him a few times. And I had seen that 17 Again movie, Leslie Mann was with him in that. She always spoke very highly of him. So no, honestly, it was, it honestly didn’t even occur to me. Maybe it should have, but it didn’t.

No, it works great because now he’s against type and you’re bringing him to a whole new audience with this thing.

Yeah, honestly I couldn’t think of anyone else that could do it that was like in any way recognizable, you know?

Now the fight between you guys at the end of the movie is pretty great. And I know Nick said a lot of that was a reshoot. What was that like to shoot? Was it physically demanding?

Yeah, you do it shot by shot. It’s not physically demanding at all. You’re almost never doing anything for more than 15 seconds. I like shooting fight scenes. I think it’s a lot of fun and it’s so cool ’cause you have a playback guy on set. Sometimes they can even just like slap the shots together so often by the time you’re shooting the scene in the day, you can watch the scene at the end of the day and it’s very gratifying.

Drew from Hitfix with Dave at SXSW:

Also Dave from SXSW:
There are screaming fans everywhere here. In fact, we’re doing this interview in the back of an SUV to avoid them. How do you get used to this?

To be honest, it’s nice because Zac takes a lot of the attention (laughs). Whenever I’m travelling around with him, I’ll let him take the lead and kind of distract everyone, and then I’ll run out the back door. Like, no pun intended.

Can't embed: Seth on 2DayFM, Chris Mintz-Plasse talks to Frosty from Collider here.
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