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Can I just mention...

how annoying it is getting that every time Zac Efron steps out in flannel or with pushed back greasy-looking hair (which is often just wet or because of product), that everyone on ontd thinks he is trying to copy rpattzy.

JHC, I swear to god they have selective amnesia on all the posts where Zef has looked like this before rpattzy became the next big thing. I think they all got to caught up in the posts where Zac had makeup on or looked too pretty or too 'gay' or looked like Clay/Ellen/Lindsay/Rob Lowe/John Stamos/???? and missed everything else.

Anyhow. In coming to his defense though (for the thousandth time it feels like), I noticed something amusing:

Still doesn't explain what the hell the shirt is about, but he is so adorkable still wearing that shirt after practically a million years.

That said, I love his hair pushed back, really I do, but seriously maybe he should just reserve that for like photoshoots or movies or events... cause it doesn't look as good when it happens every day and I think stylists make it work better.
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