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Apr 4th
06:06 pm
RCDC2: VIP - Lena's Instagram & Quotes about Zac  

Bellagio fountains wit ma boo #vegas #thatsright #TLA #allbaldguyscansuckit - reallenaluthor

Connor is so quiche #nofilter #fuckyoudad - reallenaluthor

From IGN:
IGN: ...So getting Zac and Sarah to voice your star-crossed lovers, how did that come about?

Senreich: Zac was great because we've known him, and we bring him in for special things. He became kind of a friend of the family, if you will. He did our show, and we all just clicked with him.

Green: He's awesome. Crazy talented, can really do anything you want him to do.

Senreich: And he had such a wicked sense of humor, and people will see him in Neighbors that's coming out. But yeah, when we needed someone who could sing --

Green: First choice, didn't even hesitate. We were like, "Who could do Superboy?" We were like, "Aw, maybe Zac could do that!"

From Vulture:
Senreich [on casting]: I think the weirdest thing was getting Zac Efron to play Superboy. We had him for our Star Wars special and he's just this down-to-earth, fun guy. He comes and wants to play with us. He's totally game; you can throw a curveball at him. And he can sing! So Superboy, it just elevated the whole thing for us.

Johns: I think Zac might be my favorite interpretation of that character of all time. Just that whole attitude.

Can I just say: Thank you for picking the early-'90s version of Superboy, with his legendarily awful costume.
Johns: Oh yeah, that thigh belt is classic.

Don't forget the leather jacket.
Green: And the sunglasses, too! It's like, take your fucking sunnies off, dude! He's just like, "Nope, not gonna."
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Beejeezbee on April 5th, 2014 12:52 am (UTC)
A character who refuses to take his shades off? Perfect for Zac. Love that Geoff likes his take on Superboy so much. You never know where that comes in handy.

I remember when Seth and Matthew were talking on the dvd commentary that another guest voice (I think it was Donald Faison?) was interested in how they were doing it all, so he did an internship at Stoopid Monkey next to his tv show to learn all the different phases. With Zac having probably a bit a downtime after Neighbors promo... doing something like that might be interesting for him to stay busy as well. And considering how well they all get along, I suspect they would probably have him. Yeah, that's just me fantasizing but it would be a neat thing.