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RCDC2: VIP - Lena's Instagram & Quotes about Zac

Bellagio fountains wit ma boo #vegas #thatsright #TLA #allbaldguyscansuckit - reallenaluthor

Connor is so quiche #nofilter #fuckyoudad - reallenaluthor

From IGN:
IGN: ...So getting Zac and Sarah to voice your star-crossed lovers, how did that come about?

Senreich: Zac was great because we've known him, and we bring him in for special things. He became kind of a friend of the family, if you will. He did our show, and we all just clicked with him.

Green: He's awesome. Crazy talented, can really do anything you want him to do.

Senreich: And he had such a wicked sense of humor, and people will see him in Neighbors that's coming out. But yeah, when we needed someone who could sing --

Green: First choice, didn't even hesitate. We were like, "Who could do Superboy?" We were like, "Aw, maybe Zac could do that!"

From Vulture:
Senreich [on casting]: I think the weirdest thing was getting Zac Efron to play Superboy. We had him for our Star Wars special and he's just this down-to-earth, fun guy. He comes and wants to play with us. He's totally game; you can throw a curveball at him. And he can sing! So Superboy, it just elevated the whole thing for us.

Johns: I think Zac might be my favorite interpretation of that character of all time. Just that whole attitude.

Can I just say: Thank you for picking the early-'90s version of Superboy, with his legendarily awful costume.
Johns: Oh yeah, that thigh belt is classic.

Don't forget the leather jacket.
Green: And the sunglasses, too! It's like, take your fucking sunnies off, dude! He's just like, "Nope, not gonna."
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