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Mar 20th
03:58 pm
'Neighbors' TV Spot + ETA: Spike Interviews  
From Universal Pictures Canada:

A few other things: There's a new, but really very similar, international poster here.

Boxoffice.com has added Neighbors to their long range forecast. They peg it at opening at $34 million with $126 million for cumulative. There is no tracking available for this movie yet, it is too soon. So they are basing it off of similar movies. I think the film has a lot of things going for it (some of which they address in their article), but I'd probably be more conservative at this point, just because there are many more days till we get to opening weekend (and hopefully Universal times the publicity just right and it doesn't peak too soon with all this early coverage). Also, it is always better to underestimate rather than underperform.

The LA premiere is scheduled for April 28 at 6:30pm at Regency Village in Westwood per seeing-stars.com.

ETA: Spike Interviews --- Can't embed so Meet the Neighbors & Who's a Worse Neighbor?
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kleth on March 25th, 2014 08:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Success
Actually, I believe the decision to do Neighbors was strategic. When he accepted the part, he told Rogen, "I want to get sullied." He saw this kind of movie as a way to really break with the whole HSM thing, being the sweet kid that everybody loved.

I always hesitate when someone says "I wish he would pick roles . . ." That assumes that he really has choices. When he made 17 Again, he turned down roles in some teen romance and high school movies. And, of course, he famously declined Footloose. But since then, we don't really know that he has had any real choices. He may have accepted every job he was offered - the guy's got to work, after all.

Yes, people send him scripts - he's on some "maybe" lists. But turning down these "offers" just means he doesn't pursue them. He may in fact never have been offered any "serious" roles that he declined in order to do Neighbors. And, really, most of his jobs have been serious - Me & Orson Welles, Charlie St. Cloud, The Lucky One, At Any Price, The Paperboy, Parkland. He has tried serious roles and gotten minimal benefits - the director of Parkland came looking for him after seeing The Paperboy. But these serious roles really haven't boosted his career much.

What he needs is a hit, either drama or comedy. He won't win an Oscar for Neighbors, but a lot more people, including industry people, will see him in Neighbors than in his little indie projects.
zacsfagzacsfag on March 26th, 2014 03:59 am (UTC)
Re: Success
I absolutely agree that Neighbors will be a huge hit! I already stated that in my first comment here. Not only are adult comedies really hot right now (Bridesmaids, Hangover, This Is The End), but Seth Rogen dominates this genre. How could it not be successful?

I also agree 100% with you that this is a role unlike any other he has ever done. It will increase not only his visibility but also the level of respect he is given by critics for playing against type.

So here's my beef: There are two types of comedies. There's smart and original ones that break new ground and make a statement. Then there are immature gross out movies that rely on sight gags, sex jokes, and general stupidity to sell tickets to people who aren't smart enough to get humor that isn't entirely sophomoric. Granted, I haven't seen Neighbors. But based on the trailers, interviews, photos, and reviews surrounding the film, I'm guessing Neighbors will fall into the latter category.

In my opinion, Zac is too talented for that shit. This movie will definitely be a hit. But it is beneath him. Only bad actors rely on these movies to further their career. Zac is an amazing actor. He doesn't need this.
kleth on March 26th, 2014 07:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Success
"Zac is an amazing actor. He doesn't need this."

Apparently, he thinks he does.

I'm sure he would do a sophisticated, witty comedy if he were offered one. In the meantime, he has to take the best offers he can get. I hope he got a good price for his services, I hope it's a big hit that will turn some heads in Movieland, and I hope he gets lots more offers as a result. Right now, as far as we know, he hasn't got a thing on his "to do" list. That worries me.
zacsfagzacsfag on March 26th, 2014 09:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Success
I agree. However, I have no idea how a movie like this will get him any credibility whatsoever. Maybe he can rise above the sophomoric stupidity of this movie and somehow give a good performance that shows off his talent.

Regardless, I refuse to pay to see this movie. If I wanted to watch a bunch a stupid, horny, pot smoking, sexist, homophobic, beer guzzling jerks act like animals I'd hang around my college campus more often.
Bee: Zac - ELLE - Lying on Car 1jeezbee on March 26th, 2014 11:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Success
Of course you don't have to pay or watch a movie you're not interested in and nobody will fault you for that. I'm the first person to say that being a fan doesn't mean you have to blindly agree with everything.  
However, I do not agree with some of your other assessments.  
I haven't seen Neighbors yet but I've read all reviews so far - formal as well as informal. And based on all that feedback, Neighbors is actually a pretty good movie and it most likely will end up as one of Zac's best reviewed ones of his career so far. It's one thing to say this is not your type of movie (and you have every right for that) but that doesn't equal being a bad movie. And it's not the first time he played not-so-nice characters either - Dean in At Any Price or Jason in That Awkward Moment were rather douchey as well. 

And this movie will absolutely get him credibility. Not only does the movie get great reviews but he does too.  And it will be a big audience and, as feedback has already shown, it's people who didn't care about him before or even outright hated him. So a lot of people who had no idea how good he is are seeing him in a good film, doing an amazing job and that means a lot. I can say for sure that he already won several important critics over which were not convinced of his talent before. Comedy will never get him as much credibility as a high-profile great reviewed drama, at least not with the Academy but neither do action or fantasy films. But credibility with the general public, especially in a big-money movie, opens so many doors.

What is great is he has something to back that up with critically. He may not have made much progress in terms of wide-spread acceptance with small films like The Paperboy, At Any Price and Liberal Arts but they don't hurt him overall, even if they turn out not-so-great, because people give him credit for taking risks and working with good people. And even his not-so-great small indies are still better reviewed movies than his romantic films. And they did make some critics like him.

On the other hand, things like The Lucky One, do more damage to his reputation than any other movie. For one thing, Nicholas Sparks movies (and other weepy dramas) are the type of movie critics and moviegoers outside of that niche audience generally hate. Other examples include most romcoms, typical Adam Sandler comedies, Tyler Perry movies, and most horror movies, etc. And I personally agree with many critics that this was his weakest performance (and one of his worst movies). And movies like The Lucky One, New Year's Eve et all and their effect on the general audiences are one of the biggest reasons why Zac doesn't have a chance to get blockbuster/action-y films like Star Wars (there are other reasons too but this is probably the #1 obstacle).

Ultimately, I care very little what type of character he plays as long as it is in a decent movie, the character is well written and he gives a good performance, ideally elevating the material.

As a side note, I have not seen any comments or indication that this movie is homophobic, only homoerotic.

Edited at 2014-03-26 11:40 pm (UTC)
zacsfagzacsfag on March 27th, 2014 02:09 am (UTC)
Re: Success
I don't necessarily mind Zac playing douchey sometimes. I enjoyed That Awkward Moment. It offered a rare and fresh perspective on the guy's point of view of a romantic comedy. I liked that while it was a romantic comedy, it sort of made fun of the genre in a way.

I never Neighbors would get bad reviews or not be successful. I've been to Rotten Tomatoes. And I've said it will be a big hit about 8 times now I think.

Also, despite getting bad reviews (to put it mildly), The Lucky One was a hit financially. It also happens to be my favorite of all of his movies. And that's fine if you're not into it.

No, there is nothing explicitly homophobic stated in this movie that I know of. However, homoerotic hazing, which is featured in this movie, is homophobic by nature. Young men making other young men do explicitly gay things (like the elephant walk or anally inserting objects) in order to demean, ridicule, and laugh at them is homophobic. Notice the pledges all run around wearing pink? Teddy and his friends make fun of pledges almost solely by making them look gay and feminine. If you don't see homophobic undertones in that, you're blind. I've been made fun of my whole life for being gay and feminine, so I know it when I see it. You probably don't see it as much as I do because you are a good person who wouldn't do such a thing to others. And you probably haven't been on the receiving end of it.

Again, it's just a movie. Of course it doesn't mean Zac is like this in real life. If I thought that, I wouldn't be a fan. It's just that I have dealt with people like this personally and fraternity culture is known for being wildly sexist and homophobic. This isn't some new concept I created. We all have a right to our opinions, and mine is that movie is stupid, sophomoric, and offensive. I'm 99.999% sure Zac will again do another movie I will enjoy.

This isn't an attack on him, you, or anyone else. Just my opinion.