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Mr. Big Heart visits kids at UCLA Childrens

Zac Efron is an absolute sweetheart.

A cynic would say this is just for PR and I'm sure that doesn't hurt but the truth is, we know he does stuff like this without seeking the publicity too. The internet being what it is, the stories eventually come out usually long after the event or meeting has taken place.

But it is nice to get the occasional visual confirmation of it cause it is awesome seeing the kids big smiles when they meet their idol.

My favs cause I can just imagine the conversation.

"Do you think I really look like that?" Zac says jokingly of the doll.

Later, Zac leaving... he sure looks pensive. I'm not surprised, as I think visiting people (especially young little ones and especially during the holidays) who are in such dire straits must be difficult for almost any person who is even slightly self-aware of how blessed their life is, and we know he knows how lucky he is. Personally, I'd probably be in tears.

Also thanks for all the well-wishes. I feel a bit better, but still haven't eaten anything for about 2.5 days, so hopefully I'll get some chicken noodle soup in me soon. I'm not worried though, I'm sure I'll make up the caloric content on Christmas.

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