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2014 Oscars HQ, Favs, and Videos

Red Carpet

^idk the orig src but LAWL




Backstage and Presenting

w/ Channing, w/ BCoop (hollah audrey), next to (but not w/) Jen Garner, w/ MBJ, w/ Anna Kendrick



fb via zacefron_news

^derp derp lol


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Zac Presenting
I was going to post a video with the few times he was seen in the audience but it was super awkward and also the audio kept going out of sync so sorry. He really wasn't shown that much, honestly Jason was seen more, lol.

On the Red Carpet

Beauty Tips w/ Michael of 'Live w/ Kelly and Michael'

No embed so link to Ryan Seacrest - E! Online, Josh Horowitz - MTV

Anne Thompson (Indiewire)

Photogs yelling a lot

LA Times:
All night the long, narrow stage wings are flooded with the show's hundreds of crew members, security officers, presenters, singers, dancers and — most notably — winners.
Often the wings are a place for last-minute primping. A makeup artist with a puff powdered Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey's noses, and a hair stylist lent Kate Hudson some hairspray...

Actors often greet each other with the universal celebrity hello ("I love your work"), but backstage on Oscar night, no one got warmer welcomes than presenter Daniel Day Lewis. Outside the men's room, Efron said to the "Lincoln" star, "Thank you for everything you do."

When Zac Efron found himself behind Daniel Day-Lewis in the backstage bathroom line, he used the opportunity to express his admiration. "I'm such a huge fan. Your work inspires us all," Efron said, shaking the Oscar winner's hand. "It's great to have someone like you to watch and be inspired by."

Although gracious, Day-Lewis didn't want to spend too much time collecting accolades. "I'm just going to sneak in there before someone else does," he said as he made a beeline for the bathroom.

BTW, I thought Ellen was funny if a little cautious. But w/e. The pizza thing was hilarious. My boo Sandy B should've won (YES IK CATE WAS GREAT, but so was my booooooo). And while I'm fine w/ 12 Years winning I wish Gravity could've too, it was such a feat. Y U no tie so everyone can win? :'(
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