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TAM New York Premiere

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jeezbee's thoughts on box office expectations

TAM is a small movie which never had a lot of buzz and the late January release date always indicated that the box office expectations were not huge. Opening weekend falling onto the Super Bowl weekend isn’t helping either. But the initial reaction to trailer etc were ok in terms of volume and content. However with promo starting the numbers seem to develop decently until they hit a bump in the road this last week unfortunately. The # of tweets as well as their sentiment are a bit concerning. Moreover, TAM’s moviemeter on IMDb fell this week – something which should not happening with the release date approaching fast and promo getting more intensive. So, the movie might be in trouble at the box office. R-rated romcoms are a difficult genre to begin with but the distributor’s approach to focus on the bros in their marketing at the cost of the romance doesn’t seem to be helping either. The male demo is mostly not interested based on the online feedback and I’m not sure there is enough romance in the advertising to appeal to the traditional romcom audience of women. Don’t get me wrong, I like the 3 guys promoting it but I hope Focus is adding more romance centric tv spots in the last 2 weeks to get more women interested.

On a positive note, Neighbors is going really great. The numbers for the movie are very encouraging and it appears that Zac is stealing his own buzz with this comedy. People have been really positive about it on twitter and elsewhere, and Uni also seems to be very committed to make this movie a box office success. I would be very surprised to see Neighbors bombing.

I have to say, I haven't looked too closely at any numbers but from gut instinct it definitely doesn't feel like this is generating much heat. It does get a boost from Miles and Michael being involved and there isn't a whole lot competing with it directly but the indirect competition is steep (including, as jb said, the Super Bowl). So I think it will be a bit of a let down but that's okay.
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