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More from the grocery store

^i love that brand of preserves.

^ ew at oat bran, live a little

^reminds me i need draino too


true story, idgaf if he skateboards there. it isn't crowded, he's not ruining the floor, he doesn't even seem to be going fast. i will tell you though that the 10 year olds who wear heelys and go screaming around target bumping into me... those kids should be grounded.

TAM: Trailer w/ new footage, MTV Pic

It was uploaded awhile ago but I think only just made public… but I like the Jerry Maguire reference, lol.


I realized last night I hadn't actually put this in writing here (lol), but Zac is going to the PCAs tomorrow. He is allegedly sitting behind RDJ which is cool... but I feel like those seating charts never actually end up matching the actual seating. The red carpet will stream at and the show airs on CBS.
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