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Zefron broke his jaw :'(

From E!:
You won't be seeing Zac Efron smile for awhile.

E! News has exclusively learned that the actor's mouth is wired shut after he broke his jaw over the weekend. Efron slipped at the entrance of his L.A.-area home on Sunday in a puddle of water he didn't see.

He not only broke his jaw when he fell, but he also suffered a gash that required stitches.

Efron is expected to make a full recovery.

In the meantime, upcoming plans to promote his new comedy That Awkward Moment have been put on hold.

Breaking your jaw is awful. Hope he has as quick a recovery as possible.

LOL ETA, Marc Malkin asked MBJ about this and got a whole nine words to make an article out of:
"He's good," Jordan told me last night at GQ's Man of the Year event (Jordan is among this year's honorees). "He's going to be OK."

Jordan has been in touch with Efron since the accident. "He's tough."

ETA 2: Access Hollywood had more success.
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