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'Autobahn' update

We knew there had been recent progress made on Autobahn because of some tweets quoting Eran Creevy, director/writer, out of the London Screenwriter's Festival:


But it appears as though Zac is no longer a part of Autobahn. IM Global, production company and financier of the film, has updated its page on the film in advance of AFM it seems. It now says, "Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Amber Heard, Jean Reno."

No official confirmation of this yet, of course. But it seems to be backed up by a fuller account of Creevy's comments at the London event that I found after seeing the IM Global page:

Welcome to the Punch’ was well liked especially for it’s look and Eran’s next project Autobahn was then green lit with Zac Effron [sic] in the lead but when he needed to withdraw from the project Eran took the time to improve the screenplay by bringing in a new writer to go over it while he focused on directing and finding a new lead. The project is currently set to begin shooting next March with Nicholas Hoult and Amber Heard now set to star.

So that's that. I'm kind of glad, it always seemed an iffy proposition (e.g. how do you film on the autobahn at all or at a low enough cost?) and other films like this haven't always done well and since Zac's basically unproven in this genre and Amber isn't much of a draw, it would have to be not just good but exceptional to find an audience.

Now if we can just find out what he is doing next, that'd be great, lol.

p.s. I'm so tempted to make a post just to document the lulzyness of this not!Zef imposter in Times Square. Cackling.
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