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Oct 19th
01:48 pm
Birthday Fun!  

Mood: tiredtired
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Beejeezbee on October 19th, 2013 09:01 pm (UTC)
The gif is still the best of all of it.

Nice to see his family was around too.
Miranda gives everyone a chancemirandagirll on October 19th, 2013 09:15 pm (UTC)
here for all of this <3

also, what does the anis tag mean? I've noticed a couple times but never got it

Edited at 2013-10-19 09:16 pm (UTC)
fullerbay05fullerbay05 on October 20th, 2013 05:59 am (UTC)
the anis tag is the gifs. ani/anis is short for animation so when you see that there is a ani/gif in the post.
Miranda gives everyone a chancemirandagirll on October 20th, 2013 04:15 pm (UTC)
oh ok, thank you :)
kleth on October 22nd, 2013 06:22 pm (UTC)
Calling them "anims" would avoid confusion. But what's done is done.
laurenlipkinlip on October 19th, 2013 10:18 pm (UTC)
everytime he plays golf i just think of bet on it.
abigail80831abigail80831 on October 20th, 2013 05:51 am (UTC)
That gif is everything.

Glad he enjoyed his birthday with his family and friends.
countessm3countessm3 on October 20th, 2013 12:20 pm (UTC)
Zac has so much personality. I bet he's a hoot to hang out with.

The mouth and coffee picture and the tongue picture are my favorite. He has a pretty mouth, lol.
kleth on October 20th, 2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
Urg, those "shoes" are back. He has nice golfing gloves; why couldn't someone buy him a decent pair of shoes for his birthday? And why couldn't he shave? And why does he continue to ignore my guidance?
kleth on October 22nd, 2013 06:25 pm (UTC)
First photo in car (third from end): Does he have Band-Aids on three fingers of his right hand? Is this a golf thing?