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Catching Up: 'Parkland' Pics and some info on 'That Awkward Moment'

parkland website


I'm hoping to get to go see Parkland tomorrow!

Details on a Q&A happening Oct. 15 ~7pm PT from yahoo:
And now, whether you love 'em or want to be them, you can be one of the first people ever to watch Teller, Jordan and Efron live out their awkward moments with our giveaway for their upcoming film, titled — wait for it — "That Awkward Moment."

Previously titled "Are We Officially Dating?," "That Awkward Moment" tells the story of three best friends vowing to keep on keeping single. Alas, what happens to so many happy bachelors? They find a girl. And pretty soon that girl asks the very awkward question: "So, where is this going?"

While we won't know exactly where it's going until the film opens this January, on Tuesday, October 15 at 7:05 pm PT, you'll get plenty of other answers. We're hosting a live Q&A featuring Miles, Michael, and Zac. And if you're in the Los Angeles area, we're giving away 12 pairs of tickets to be there live!

Info on how to win at source. Also, not totally sure of the details yet but the event will be live-streamed per Yahoo Movies FB. On that note, the facebook for TAM is here.

Also a very brief mention of Zac in a Guardian UK interview with Imogen:
She leaves after an hour to record additional dialogue for a romantic comedy she filmed alongside Zac Efron ("canny guy, great dancer").
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