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The internet is good for

porn... and blogging about crazy fantasies like the following which came from here.

Me and Grabeel
This fantasy occurred to me the other day:

Lucas Grabeel, stylishly-attired, is driving down a dusty stretch of two-lane desert highway in a restored 1941 Packer Convertible, top down. I am riding shotgun. We are laughing and joking, and sipping on some delicious cold beverages, which we pull from the cooler that sits between us on the seat. The warm wind is blowing our flowing, golden locks behind us. We haven't seen another car in ages, when some space yet before us, we see one in apparent distress, pulled off to the right side of the road. As we near, Lucas applies pressure to the brakes, slowing down the convertible. We come to a stop parallel to the distressed vehicle.

Lucas calls out, "Hey, need a hand, buddy?"

It is then, that fate and circumstance play an unlikely hand. From out behind the car, holding a tire-iron and wearing a white tank top, rises Grabeel's sometime co-star, Zac Efron. Zac's face is dirty with grease, and he is sweating profusely.

"Hey, Efron," sneers Lucas, "Looks like we're having a bit of car-trouble."

I snicker meanly at Lucas' apparent disdain for Efron, and then say loudly, sardonically, "Zac Efron? More like 'Snack Snefron'."

At my juvenile mockery of Zac's name, Lucas laughs, and revs the engine of the convertible.

"Later, sucker!" Grabeel cries, loosening the clutch, launching the convertible forward down the road.

Anonymous responded thus:

tbh, Zac would be hot looking like that. I can just imagine him standing looking ridiculously hot in his wife-beater behind his 1965 Mustang in Candy Apple Red (also with the top down).

His bright blue eyes shine through all the grime on his face as he smiles crookedly at me. His arms are sweaty and dirty, biceps flexing and bulging as he tosses the tire iron effortlessly from his left to his right hand. His left hand comes up to push his sun-kissed hair off his forehead..... (sigh).


Yeah, guess who Anonymous is, LOL. I couldn't let Grabeel and this punk get away with that. Haha, it really works out for the best this way because ohinternets can have Lucas and I'll take hot, sweaty, grimy Zaccy.
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