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Sep 18th
01:00 am
Moving forward  
From People:
Zac Efron Completed Rehab Stint

Zac Efron hasn't been seen out and about on the nightclub scene as of late – and it sounds like there's a reason.

The actor, 25, completed a stint in rehab about five months ago, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The actor – who recently walked the carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival – is "doing great," a source tells PEOPLE. "He's taking care of himself and it shows."

Efron will next star in Parkland, a drama about the Kennedy assassination. "It's really a surreal experience for me," he tells USA Today of working on the film. "It feels very mature and really interesting. It's a whole different kind of filmmaking and I feel blessed to have been a part of it."

I'm not surprised by this news. I am happy for him and I have a lot of respect for him being self aware enough that he realized he needed to change a behavioral pattern before it seriously affected his well-being. I am also glad his parents maintain an active role in his life and support him and help him to make the best choices for himself. Hollywood is a difficult place to exist in. A lot of people don't like to see that accompanying the money, fame and success, are a host of negative things. It becomes a very isolated existence, even if you have a lot of friends. Let's look to the future and not the past, he is clearly on a positive path and I'm happy about that.

Additional note (Sep 19th):
Now that this is out, many people will try to make a quick buck by selling their story. So please take new stories with a grain of salt cause some of it doesn't add up.
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countessm3countessm3 on September 18th, 2013 01:37 am (UTC)
Dear Zac Efron,
I rarely curse, but I'm so fucking PROUD of you. A real man takes ownership of his behavior, responsibility for his choices, and seeks help when he needs it, and this is what makes you a real man - not your muscles, not your emotional strength, not your intelligence, not your talent.

It also takes a real man to stand up to temptations when they are presented and to make wise decisions regarding his life. Hollywood is addict city and you're going to have a really hard time avoiding the stuff, but I believe in you and my higher power. (-;

I know what you're going through as I went through it myself. I knew you were in trouble awhile back and had my ass handed to me by some fans because I wanted to talk about it, not to start gossip but because I honestly care about you as another human being. I hate watching people go down the road I went down: it tears me up inside. But for once I get to rejoice. I'm truly happy for you.

Stay away from old playmates and playgrounds. Remember HALT and take it one day at a time. I'm praying for you.


Edited at 2013-09-18 01:41 am (UTC)