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xdecemberskiesxdecemberskies on September 13th, 2013 01:44 am (UTC)
Odd question to ask but why do you think Zac had such a huge entourage at TIFF? I saw a YouTube video of him signing autographs and he had a couple of Melissa's assistants and lots of bodyguards even when he was inside the Green Room . A woman even blogged about it (she was quite snarky). I was wondering is this normal for something like TIFF? I don't really see how it's that dangerous.
kleth on September 13th, 2013 06:15 pm (UTC)
It's always dangerous.

He may also be double-teamed. He brings his people with him from LA, and the locals send people to perform the same functions - TIFF publicist plus Zac publicist, TIFF host security plus Zac personal security, etc.
Gillian loves lemoñadé.invisible_cunt on September 14th, 2013 04:28 am (UTC)
i was very disappointed with this year

last year at "the paperboy" premiere, he literally went down and around ALL of the barricades. probably spent a good 15-20 minutes signing/photos. and he only had his publicist/pr and maybe 2 security guards?

for this, he maybe spent 5 minutes, or at least it seemed like that
i couldn't get down that early but ended up with a spot at the barricade opposite the side of the media tent. pr dicks were all standing by the media tent blocking whatever view i had of him. and as soon as he got remotely past the media tent security shuffle him inside.
kleth on September 14th, 2013 04:55 pm (UTC)
Here's another view, from a user review on the IMDB Parkland page:

"I have never been a "hater" of Zac Efron but I've never really been a fan either. He won me over in this film for two reasons. 1. At the premier of the film he was so incredibly great with his fans and the crowd. He worked that crowd and got to every person he possibly could."

I'll include the reviewer's second point because it's so positive:

"2. His performance (in particular the scene at the beginning of the film when he is first called in to work on Kennedy) is pretty close to the best in the entire movie. He shows some incredible emotion and strength and proves he has some serious acting chops."
Gillian loves lemoñadé.invisible_cunt on September 14th, 2013 10:23 pm (UTC)
Re: Disappointed?
oh wow, i didn't realize that MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE was somehow incorrect.
i NEVER said in my comment that he isn't great with fans, nor was it his fault.

for fucks sake, i also didn't realize that nobody could ever have a less than satisfactory experience ever.

for the straight, middle-aged man i presume you to be, your obsession with zac efron is neither norma nor healthy and is in fact very creepy.
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)ehs_wildcats on September 15th, 2013 02:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Disappointed?
i understand your frustration but please leave the personal insults out in the future.
kleth on September 15th, 2013 05:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Disappointed?
It's OK, I'm not offended by online personal insults.

A better question might be, why is this person so upset because I posted a report from the same location that did not agree with that person's impressions. This wasn't an attack, just a comparison of two observers' impressions.

I agree, my keen interest in Zac Efron is odd, since I follow him as an interesting, even admirable, person rather than as a sex object. But we live in a Celebrity Age. I am somewhat reassured, that my chosen celebrity seems like a pretty nice guy.
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)ehs_wildcats on September 14th, 2013 06:37 pm (UTC)
based on videos it didn't really seem like he had more entourage of his own than he usually does. also remember, melissa handles colin as well... so probably did have extra people there. and aside from that, given how many of the film's stars were there, there would be a lot of PR people in general. plus both distributors' PR.

security was mostly TIFF's doing and because of how nutty it was last year, it was probably justified.

as for wondering how TIFF is dangerous... anything can be dangerous. where it is, does not matter. and we are never privy to any escalated security concerns. better to have too much security than not enough, e.g. that brazil trip which was insane.