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More on the movie that shall not be named from Rose & Dave

Rose & Dave are out promoting their other movies and have mentioned Zac & the movie that shall not be named:

via ZacEfron_News

From Interview Magazine:
CRUZ: Speaking of fighting you're filming Townies with Zac Efron. Did Zac really break his hand fighting you? What's that about?

FRANCO: [laughs] Yes! I beat the shit out of Zac Efron. No, no, it was a freak accident. It shouldn't have happened, but in the heat of the moment, he smashed his hand on the ground out of frustration during the scene, and he hit it the wrong way and fractured it, but it's totally fine now.

From Redeye:
On “Townies”: “Let me start with it was by far the most improv I have ever had to do. It was very loose on “[21] Jump Street” but nothing like this. Literally, every single scene was improvised. Which was intimidating at first. Sometimes you come into work and you’re tired or you’re sick and you’re just mentally exhausted and it’s just like, ‘Guys, I can’t do it today. Just feed me stuff.’ And they would. And that’s the great thing about Nick Stoller and Seth Rogen is they’re so naturally funny and they will give you so many [set-ups]. And that was amazing and then the role itself, it’s fun. On the surface [the role is] what you might expect from me. It’s like a frat boy who’s, whatever, he’s the vice president of the frat and he’s kind of cool I guess, but that being said he’s got a good journey. All the guys in the frat are dumb, but I get to play the smartest of the dumb kids, and I get to play the nicest of the meaner kids, and I have a heart in it but at the same time I have those frat boy qualities as well. So it feels like there’s a lot going on with this character.”

From Seattle PI:
"I just finished a big comedy called Townies. It’s directed by Nick Stoller who directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek. Seth Rogen is involved, Zac Efron, and Rose Byrne. It’s got great people involved and is raunchy as hell. There’s a lot of male nudity. There’s ample male nudity cause male nudity is funnier than female nudity and Townies takes to new levels. Seth and Nick make these clever penis jokes. It’s not just for shock. They make very character driven penis jokes [laughs]."

From AICN:
Capone: Tell me something about TOWNIES.

DF: So the movie is about this young married couple, played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, and they have this baby girl and they live in a college town, and a fraternity moves in next door. So it’s the two houses feuding throughout the movie, and I play the vice president to Zac Efron’s president of the fraternity.

Capone: You and Zac Efron reunited! Oh, CHARLIE ST. CLOUD.

DF: Oh God! So anyways back to Nick Stoller…[Laughs] Nick Stoller is honestly a genius. First off, he is never in a bad mood. He’s never stressed out. He is genuinely so funny. He’s a writer too, and so the whole movie is improvised, every single scene. Obviously, everyone is coming in with their own ideas and trying anything that comes to your mind, but on top of that there’s so much support from Seth and Nick and Seth’s writing partner, Evan [Goldberg] and then these two other writers [Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O'Brien], and you have five really smart people behind the monitors watching every take and throwing out alternate jokes for you to say. They make us so much funnier than we naturally are, and I would be an extra in Nick Stoller’s next movie. He is the most likable, smartest… I could go on and on. He’s the greatest.

Capone: So is this back to your old tradition of playing jerks all of the time?

DF: No, not at all. On the surface, you would think that, but I do play the responsible guy in the fraternity. Even though I’m not very smart, I’m the smartest of the dumb kids, and I’m the nicest of the mean kids, and I’m like the guy who actually does have a future beyond college and this fraternity, whereas Zac’s character, this fraternity is his whole world.

From Hollywood Chicago: You worked with director Nicholas Stoller on the upcoming ‘Townies.’ Given his track record with offbeat films [‘Get Him to the Greek’] , what surprises were in store for you when you read the script and performed on his set?

Franco: ‘Townies’ has a lot of nudity, male and female. Wow.

Franco: In the wrong hands, this film could have been a soft core porn. But with Nick Stoller at the helm, and guys like Seth Rogen involved, they make penis-oriented jokes intelligent and clever. It’s not penis jokes for the shock factor, it’s character driven penis jokes. [laughs] These guys are geniuses, and there was a lot of improvisation. They make us so much funnier than we actually are. I notice you did your latest ‘Funny or Die’ short film with Alison Brie of ‘Community.’ Since she was in the Nick Stoller film ‘The Five Year Engagement,’ did she tip you off on what to expect on that set?

Franco: She gave me heads-up on how much improv there would be, which if I was blindsided by that type of work I might have been lost. I knew what I was getting into.

From Chicago Film:
What’s going on at the moment, Dave?

Well I’m working on something new called Townies, a comedy directed by Nick Stoller who did Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, and Seth Rogen and Zac Efron and Rose Byrne are involved.

So there won’t be any laughs then?

Exactly. There won’t be any penis jokes. There is ample male nudity and some female nudity! This one is going to be fun! But these guys are geniuses. Working with them makes me so much funnier than I naturally am.

From Collider:

Can't embed, you need to watch at the source. It starts at approx. 3:02: LINK
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