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May 22nd
01:56 am
New Project: 'Narc'  
From Deadline:
EXCLUSIVE: Zac Efron NarcFox has snapped up life rights for the true crime project Narc, based on the actual story of an All-American college kid-turned-police informant. Zac Efron is attached to star as a student, frat president, and lacrosse team captain who’s busted for drugs intended for a party, then secretly turns narc and helps the cops bust criminals while carrying on his campus life. Efron’s manager and producing partner Jason Barrett will exec produce with Underground-repped Doug Banker. They’ve got a very familiar friend in a high place in Fox exec Jason Young, who briefly departed the studio to help Efron establish Ninjas Runnin’ Wild in 2010 before returning as Fox’s VP of Production.

Narc joins a raft of Efron projects in the works which include Einstein Theory, Art Of The Steal, and the Snabba Cash remake, all set up at WB. As for Narc - described as a “college Donnie Brasco,” Fox is tapping a scribe from its writers program. Julie and Rick Yorn are producing for LBI and Matthew Reilly will co-produce.

Slightly longer description of the project from THR:
Narc, described as a college-set Donnie Brasco, centers on an all-American college student who was a big man on campus. He was the president of his fraternity and captain of his lacrosse team but got busted by local police when he was caught with some cocaine he was going to distribute at a party.

The police offered him a deal in which he would not be arrested if he became an undercover informant. The student then ended up living a secret double life while in college, wearing wiretaps and eventually putting away big-time criminals.
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Beejeezbee on May 22nd, 2013 12:47 pm (UTC)
I was just saying to Cady the other day that this is the first movie where Zac has a really good editor which is great. I hope it makes a difference too. I also think that the role of producers is underestimated A LOT in fandom (not only Zac, most fandoms in general). They can be just as important as a director or writer.

I really hope that Parkland turns out to be a quality movie. The little that snuck out of the early test screening was positive but I'm trying to not rely much on it because it came from fangirls and those are often biased (even more so than "normal" test screening audiences which often do not reflect the public opinion once it's released either). Still, it's much better than the other way around. At least it has all ingredients to be a great movie. :)