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Roundup: 'Townies', AAP, Flaunt


Whoops forgot to mention that they are starting earlier than we thought. There were some fittings the past couple days and they are scheduled to do some frat party scenes next week. Also Zac is expected to film through April 30th. (ETA: caveat, this date is possibly going to change, it is based on current casting info and probably not set in stone.)


eta a few from daily mail


Townies Casting

From Deadline:
Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse [are] joining Universal Pictures‘ Nicholas Stoller-directed comedy Townies… Efron plays a frat president and Franco plays his best pal and vice president.

From The Wrap:
Ike Barinholtz will star opposite Seth Rogen and Zac Efron in “Townies,” an upcoming comedy about frat boys and their interaction with the local town.

At Any Price

Looks like Zac has been doing some promo:

SXSW Interviews

Can't embed: CW Star

Sneak Peek


Flaunt excerpts and +1 pic from JJ and JJJ:
On High School Musical: “But here’s the one thing about High School Musical, that a lot of people forget or don’t realize. It affected a lot of people, its resonance, culturally, was massive … and at the same time, it was in every sense of it, the luckiest break in the world. The wrong thing to do—and that’s what all these interviews now are trying to get me to say— is to turn on it, to like sh– on it, call it crap. But that’s insane. There are hundreds of people who began doing one thing when they were younger, who go on to develop and refine and shape their vision, as they get older, and other concerns—like fame, or money, take a back seat to other ones.”

On not complaining about his life: The b—hiness doesn’t do anything. It just puts you out there and it makes you look unappreciative to your fans. If I’m talking to my friends, or somebody important who can have some influence on or affect the situation, that’s one thing, but to b—h about attention while getting attention? I’d be doing it to the very people whose job it is to get that information—who are watching me and have control over that information. Therefore, it makes them upset, they read it like it’s hypocritical, and so they spread some bullsh–. You should hear the chatroom sh– that gets said every time you try to complain. So that’s why I’m not going to complain. I will do a lot of things in my life differently to make sure it’s not known or tweeted about or photographed. But it’s a complete day-to-day situation. I mean, I wish I could sit here and be completely honest—but I guess that’s an even bigger responsibility—and it’d take a more courageous man.”

On making good movies for the studios: “It’s really tough. I feel like I’m in the trenches with them. It’s really hard because I respect these people so much. And they are some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. And they struggle more than I can even comprehend with the problem at hand—the dichotomy—the challenge of making good movies and making movies that people want to watch. And right now, being me, I personally know which ones I want to be in. I feel like the other way. S–t, I feel like I can be effective in one.”

On growing up: “My dad was a pretty intense dude, who used to actually spend time with me in the backyard, you know, playing catch, and we both knew that I was short, I was a small. But I was athletic, and I always felt like I was smarter than everyone, even the adults in the room, but my size held me back. So I just got better than everyone else, by working at it. I would throw the ball harder and faster than everyone—go harder—because I was smaller.”

On his acting career: “I know I’m not in this for the money. I’m trying to make something good, that I care about, and to make sure that it matters. But I’m not even sure it matters.”

According to E Online!, Zac is second on Details "most fuckable" list, lol
Zac Efron, naturally, has a long line of ladies wanting to meet his little sir, and came in second behind Mr. Hey Girl himself.
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