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Marcia on Zac and 'Parkland' on 'The Talk'

forgot to add, what rebel wilson said about zac... from buzzfeed:
That's not the only interaction you've had with one of the sexiest men alive. You've also been kissed on the cheek by Zac Efron and you were at a Lakers game together — and I must say, I'm extremely jealous because he's my number-one crush.

RW: Oh, Zac Efron. Oh yeah, he's very nice.

Are you guys friends?

RW: Yeah, like, we have each other's numbers! But he's busy — he's about to do a movie called Townies with Seth Rogen. And he's such a cool dude. Something people might not know about him is he's a really good freestyle rapper. Like, really good. Like, he could go in and battle.

Would you guys ever rap together? You guys should do a rap single together.

RW: Yeah, that would be friggen sweet. (laughs) I remember when I met him, we were both guests on The Ellen Show and then I was rapping on that show and he kind of knew I could rap, and then he wanted to show me his rap skills — and he's, like, really good. Like, I'm not exaggerating. He must practice.
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