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Charity Auction/Info for 'Townies'

From CharityBuzz:
Enjoy a Non-Speaking Walk on Role in Townies Starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron in Los Angeles

Enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be cast in the upcoming movie Townies starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogan.

In Townies regular guy, Seth Rogan lives near an alpha male fraternity house and has to contend with a raucous member of the fraternity, Zac Efron who wreaks havoc on his life in this upcoming comedy.

A meet and greet with the actors is not guaranteed. Valid for 1 person over the age of 18. 1 day of shooting will take place between April 3, 2013 and May 27, 2013.

Too rich for my tastes, lol, but that gives us a good idea of the filming dates!

We also got the first Townies casting this week. From THR:
[Rose] Byrne will play Rogen’s wife, the adult in the relationship.
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