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Rumor: Zac gets more attention than Matthew Perry

Ah to be young and Zac Efron. Former "Friends" star Matthew Perry was holding his own and was getting some pretty good attention by some pretty female fans at an LA burger bistro, according to a report from Mike Walker of the National Enquirer. Unfortunately for Perry, rising star and High School Musical actor Zac Efron was his lunch "date".

Once Efron showed up all of the attention moved from Matthew right over to Zac. In a move that could have been easily predicted, Zac took over the "girl watch" for Matthew and worked the crowd quite well and like a seasoned pro to the delight of the female fans that had gathered around.

According to the report, the two stars had been working nearby on their "Seventeen Again" movie and decided to lunch together. A witness dished to Walker, "Friends star Matt arrived first, was immediately surrounded by young cuties and posed happily for pics – until the fan-addicts let out blood-curdling screams, dumped Matt and surrounded Zac, who scribbled autographs."

Perry was largely ignored at that point, the item states. Still, having lunch with Zac does have its benefits; even the overflow crowd of girls has to be a pretty good catch.

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