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Roundup: AWOD, Hanging in NYC, Paperboy, At Any Price Date

Are We Officially… hanging out








UK 'Paperboy' Trailer

I like that trailer a lot more, js.

Some other Paperboy stuff:


Some nice things Nicole has said while she's been campaigning for a GG nom….

From hitfix:
Q: When it played at Cannes were you surprised by some of the reaction? Or did you expect it based on the material?  I have to be honest, it felt like a movie that would have gotten a stronger reception at a festival like Sundance.

It’s out of the box, but a lot of the films I do are like that. It’s a different kind of movie and probably Cannes was not the right place for it. Probably somewhere like Sundance would have been much better for it, but that’s all sort of Russian Roulette in some ways. You just never know. I’m just glad that screeners have been sent out and that people have been able to see it. I think it’s very much an actor’s piece. I think Matthew is amazing in it. I think Zac is amazing. I think John Cusack is so good in it. I mean, Lee wanted it to look like it was shot in 1968.  I’m just glad people are seeing it.

Q: You and Matthew and John have all made pictures somewhat of this scope, but Zac has never made a movie like this.  

No, it was luck [Lee cast him] and he was so good and he was up for anything.  I think he’s got so much ahead of him.  He obviously has a beautiful face, but I loved the quality he brought to the character and in the scene where he comes to the door he’s suddenly a man. [His character is] like, ‘Hey, you can be with me’ and ‘I want you to be with me’ and I’m like, ‘No, no.’ I loved what he did with the arc with it. I think he’s a really strong actor and I just hope he gets the opportunity to shine.

From awardsdaily:
JT: You spend a lot time on-screen with Zac Efron. He’s been doing more and more independent films and more dramatic roles, but we’ve never seen him do anything like this. As a scene partner, what did he bring that was unique?

Kidman: He just has a lot of heart, Zac. As tough as he tries to be, he’s not tough. Which is a good thing. I mean that as a compliment. There’s no rough exterior to Zac. I think you really feel that on-screen. He just has to look, and you feel for him. I think he has a really strong power in what he doesn’t say… I think he’s going to have a really strong career. Because he’s also very open. That’s a beautiful thing in a man, is that openness. I think you feel that in the character. He’s more than willing to love Charlotte and obsess on Charlotte. A lot of young guys, they wouldn’t be as free or as open with it.

JT: You and Zac Efron had an on-screen relationship that’s incredibly intense, and passionate, emotionally and physically. Whether it was a physical or a more emotional scene, how did you two build that trust and that intimacy and approach those scenes?

Kidman: We kind of just had it. I think that was the whole film. It’s not we had to build trust. Every actor that ever came on the set, there was kind of just an immediate trust. I think because we were down in New Orleans. Because we’re all doing this because we want to be there. Because we want to be with Lee. Because we want to play these characters. We were just really committed from the moment we stepped on. Matthew, John, Zac, David, everyone in it. That was what was fun about it. And really intense at times.

JT: You said the scene with you visiting John Cusack’s character in prison was spontaneous and just evolved on the day. Was that true of a lot of your scenes with Zac Efron?

Kidman: Everything in the film was spontaneous. It was caught on the day. Obviously there was a script. But at the same time, a lot of the stuff just evolved and happened. That’s what makes it like a bit of a tightrope walk. And probably what the film erratic at times and unpredictable, which is what Lee wanted. He wanted it to look like we shot it in 1968. And he wanted to be kind of flawed.

Finally, At Any Price is slated for release on April 26, 2013 per BOM.
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