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Roundup: AWOD, Paperboy, Snabba Cash

Most important upcoming news, the filming dates for Are We Officially Dating? were announced. According to OLV, it will start December 10th. My other sources tell me it is scheduled to wrap up January 20th. So Zac should be off to New York soon.

Justin posted this pic, which does actually relate to something that happens in the film…

Feel free to guess what is happening. I'll confirm any correct speculation.

Aside from spending time with his family and celebrating Thanksgiving this past week, Zac also went to a screening of The Paperboy on Saturday. Here is a twitter pic:

Fab Zac Efron, Terrence Howard & the Great Q at Lee Daniels' #ThePaperboy @QuincyDJones Kidman & @johncusack rocked it

Scans: W Magazine and The Paperboy
click for HQ


More pics from W Magazine/G. Laub

1, 2

Zac on Johnny Depp from
“I think ‘Gilbert Grape’ is my favorite Johnny Depp performance, but I love them all. Versatility is the key—look at ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ ‘Edward Scissorhands,’ and ‘Chocolat.’ He’s always zigging and zagging in an interesting way and keeps you guessing.”

Snabba Cash update from Sara @
Last Thursday I emailed Fredrik Wikstrom, who is the producer of the "Snabba Cash" trilogy and will be involved in producing the U.S. version…. [He] actually did not reveal much new, but it's nice to hear that Zac is still supposed to play JW. [He said], "The project is still going on [and] Zac is still in the lead role. However, no green light on the project."
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