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First details on Hairspray 2

I don't care what anyone says about sequels if John Waters is involved this has to be amazing!


Poof up your pompadours and put on your dancing shoes: Last year's musical hit Hairspray is one bop closer toward a sequel. "We just got an outline and some ideas from John Waters, and now we're going out to writers," director Adam Shankman tells EW exclusively. The story will follow Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) and her pals as they navigate the "next era of music," the late '60s. "That period was superpolitical," Shankman adds, "it was a time of serious change." No kidding: According to the filmmaker, heartthrob Link (Zac Efron) will channel his inner Austin Powers and become steeped in the British Invasion. "We're trying to track, in a comedic way, the historical elements."

The only bad thing is the timing - another two musicals in a row for Zac - assuming he signs on. And given how much he owes Adam Shankman and New Line and how much he enjoyed doing the first one (not to mention the serious coin they'll throw his way), I can't imagine him not doing it.

If WB/New Line wants HS2 out for 2010 it will probably follow a similar schedule to the original HS and do preproduction/filming August through December for a summer release. Depending on when they film Footloose, Zac may or may not be able to film a non-musical in between. Fingers crossed, he's got some magic way to do it all.

All this is moot if SAG strikes (don't strike SAG, pretty please...)

ETA: To be honest, I don't think they'll have this ready for production in August. The script isn't done and the songs aren't done. Although that could be said for Footloose too, so who knows? The only deterrent to Zac doing HS2 (aside from it sucking) is the fact that it is another musical. And that could be a big enough problem that he would refuse. But I actually think if he refused to do it right away, they might push it back for him, especially if he is as hot as he continues to be (read 17 Again does well). I mean he's the selling point for the young demo. But if he doesn't have any other projects lined up to fill late 2009, I don't think he'd turn it down just because it is a musical. If it is a sucky project, maybe, but I'm sure he wants to keep working. And personally I don't care if Edna (John Travolta) is in HS2 or not. He was my least favorite part of HS.

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