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Nov 26th
07:27 am
New EW Photo Issue outtakes and Oscar hopes...  
I don't think we'll be getting candids anytime soon since Zac Efron is probably up in SLO for Turkey Day, but shine on added some new lq shots from the EW Photo Issue photo shoot which should tide us over:

ETA 11.28: one more just surfaced (when can these come out in HQ please?)

Plus, here's a new interview from Australia.

And here are the two LA Times blog articles about HSM3's Oscar hopes: 1, 2. While I think it is insulting of Disney to offer it up as Best Picture bait, I do actually think there is a decent chance they'll get at least one song nomination.

No matter how much the plot is lacking, you can't shrug at the $210+ million it's made globally... making it the fourth most successful musical globally (ahead of Hairspray) and even without the forthcoming $10+ mil. coming from Australia when that market opens. It is the most successful non-Broadway-originating musical ever and the biggest musical opening ever. The songs admittedly aren't AMAZING! but they are decent and at times very clever with good orchestration. Plus, they are integrated into the plot (unlike the end credit songs of all the other pictures). And most adults I've seen this movie with think it is very cute and sweet, despite their preconceived notions against it as a kid's movie and/or musical.

Although I still wonder why Disney didn't put a little more effort into both plot and song? Did the plot suffer from the writer's strike? Why didn't they get Alan Menken involved on songs?

The question is which song has the best chance? Like the LA Times blogger, I have an inkling it will be I Want it All... with its insider showbiz references and amazing set design. This is great but of course, I'd rather have Zac singing at the Oscars than the Tizz. A Night to Remember is also perhaps the most unique of the HSM3 songs plus it is cleverly integrated into the movie as a transition from so-called reality into the play rehearsal; the lyrics are funny and the dancing is amazing and it is a group number -- all bonuses. Can I Have This Dance is my least likely, mostly because of the weakness of the vocals. Vanessa's singing is often too nasally and Zac's singing (for whatever reason) is too affected in his verse. Both sound too processed. But the dancing on the rooftop might capture the voter's eye and the orchestration is very rich. Scream, I think is more likely than CIHTD but I'm not totally sure about it. It serves the plot and emotional conflict well with meaningful text... and Zac's voice is very good in it. The effects are visually rich and it is definitely high energy and intense. Much less laughable than Bet on It (thank god). So what will it be and can they win?

I think they could win only for the fact that all of these songs work better in the movie than they do on the soundtrack. Previous best song winners haven't always been the best song of the bunch but instead what works best in the movie. So who knows? Either way I hope they get one or even better two noms so we get to see the cast performing live at the Oscars (SAG strike withstanding).
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ohinternets on November 26th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
I think Peter Gabriel's song from WALL-e will likely win, but it's not insulting that Disney offered it up for best picture - it's standard practice. Every movie every major studio releases gets submitted into every possible eligible category. That's how crap films like Another Scary Movie 4 or whatever get nominated for Sound Editing. They just nominate everyone and everything and see what sticks! It's hard to believe that even the LA Times don't seem to know that.
ohinternets on November 26th, 2008 08:21 pm (UTC)
I forgot to add: in that vein, I hope HSM3 gets nominated in every. single. technical category it's eligible for. And I also hope more than one song gets nominated, and agree that I Want It All is a shoe-in, which means Lucas better go or I will write him a very stern email. But if they nominate two, I like "Just Wanna Be With You" and think it works nicely as a pop single. I hope it wins something, anyway, since they aren't giving Oscars for sexiness. ;)
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)ehs_wildcats on November 26th, 2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
i like just wanna be with you also but i don't think it will be chosen... if only for the fact that the stupid sheet music does not resemble what kelsi is playing at all :( they should know better than to try and pull that shit in a movie where music nerds will be watching. haha.

it's funny cause the past few years (with the exception of falling slowly) i don't think any of the winning songs have been that memorable or worthy of oscar... so i laugh a bit when people are shocked that hsm could get an oscar nom (especially for best song).

anyway. i'm really stumped as to why disney didn't try harder on this one. i mean, obviously i love hsm and having zac in it is pretty much enough for me, but seriously it could have been a lot tighter and better done, even on such a small budget. a lot of the set design and such was amazing but the plot is just such a mess. damn them and their loyalty to pete barsocchini.

i was rewatching newsies to see how i felt about kenny's direction there in light of the footloose thing, and the songs by menken are amazing, which i always knew but was just reveling in. i still don't know how i feel about kenny's direction. he'll be the weak link in footloose.

although newsies and hsm are both musicals i think they are not easy to compare them because the subject is so different. consequently the dancing, palette and style is a lot different, though both feature good dancing. i think hsm is possibly more entertaining because it is more colorful, light and humorous but i love both.

i've often thought it curious that kenny never brings up newsies or christian bale in hsm interviews despite the obvious relationship. but maybe that has more to do with christian disliking the experience and that it was in most respects a flop. idk. there isn't a lot out there on newsies bts.

Malidociousmalidocious on November 28th, 2008 06:27 am (UTC)
Ohhhh goodness, Zac is way too cute... I can barely handle it.