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OMGOMGOMG! How awesome for Zac!

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Apparently Zac and Leo are at the Lakers/Nuggets game right now! Like together, boys night out! Awesome for Zac!

Just proves that jerkwad Ted Casablancas wrong. Re: article...Like Zac would ever laugh contempously at meeting Leo, his idol! And Zac isn't in love with the fame thing, he's probably just excited that people are interested in him for more than HSM. Do we blame him? Hell no!

And while we're on the topic of lame ass rumors, let's all just delete that really awful one by Perez from our memories too. If I had to guess anyone, I'd guess Chad Michael Murray (or as some Perez commenters are saying Michael Angarino or Cam Gigandet). But really it is probably all just bullshit like most blind items... we all know Zac isn't like that. How many rumors have they made up about him now? It's all just to stir up trouble.

Anyway, back to the Leo-Zac bromance... How is this not on nationally broadcast tv!?


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