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The press day at TIFF so far

Zac and the rest of the cast has been doing press all day. So far we only have a few candid pictures, one article and several portrait pictures. I'm sure more will come later.

ET Canada

He dishes on everything from how his real life relationship with his father translated onscreen with Dennis Quaid in the film. The director Ramin Bahran praises Zac’s dad’s parenting skills telling Cheryl, “Zac stayed two hours after the shoot one night to sign autographs for his fans, so I told his father ‘you done right.’”

[Spoiler (click to open)]And for all those girls who are dying to see the film, there is an intense love scene. But the sweetheart he is, Zac, who is becoming a pro at lovemaking on the big screen, says it wasn’t difficult getting intimate with Heather Graham.

And as if Zac’s not sweet enough, on his way out of our suite, he noticed the Menchie’s frozen yogurt and was sure to satisfy his sweet tooth with a mix of yogurt topped with Sour Keys, Crunchie and Chocolate Rocks.



etalk CTV

etalk CTV

Teri Hart

The Movie Network

Guess Portrait Studio

Hollywood Reporter TIFF Video Lounge


At Any Price Portraits


The official premiere of At Any Price at TIFF will be tonight at 10pm ET.
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