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Total Miscellaneous Post

I've been saving a bunch of this stuff for forever...

source, i think the fb via twitter… sorry it's been awhile

Meeting him at a gas station

Link to better version of Liberal Arts Trailer

Some band called Wizard Smoke posted on FB that their song is going to be in At Any Price

Dreamy Awards

From the Serpentine Gallery website:
…an award ceremony initiated to recognise the individuals and institutions that are helping shape our current cultural and technological landscape. The evening will be an investigation into the award ceremony as a cultural phenomenon, the purpose of such rituals and the characters and narratives that surround it. Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron, along with five others who have helped define our current moment and will help form the next, will receive awards throughout the evening. The Dreamy winners will represent the worlds of music, television, film, politics, business and technology.

More here.

BTS of his Punk'd

Also The Lorax is did really well in its debut week for DVD sales. From THR:
Universal Studios Home Entertainment scored big the week ending Aug. 12. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax topped both national home video sales charts, while American Reunion came off its four-week rental holdback to take the top spot on Home Media Magazine’s weekly rental chart.

The Lorax scored one of the most lopsided victories in recent memories, selling more than twice as many copies as all other Top 20 releases combined, according to Nielsen data.
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