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Jul 26th
03:42 am
'At Any Price' confirmed for Venice  

Variety and the official website confirm that At Any Price will play at the Venice Film Festival in competition. The Biennale runs from 29th of August to 8th of September. The screening schedule will be available on 15 August 2012.
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kleth on July 29th, 2012 08:38 pm (UTC)
"I really don't think Zac personally cares about where his name is in the credits"

Probably not. But then, he hasn't really faced the problem. Except for Hairspray, he has been top dog in everything since Derby Stallion. Now he's doing ensemble projects with other recognized actors and the question has to be resolved. Dennis + Zac, or vice versa? The Paperboy is a real tangle. Will Zac be Number One, Two, Three, or Four? TIWILY is another mob scene. I hope he doesn't care, because the important thing is just to be in these movies in a major role.