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Jul 18th
07:34 pm
misc. upcomings and goings  
Jeff Wells recently posted about Liberal Arts wondering why there hasn't been any publicity or website given it is coming out in two months and suggested the distributor, IFC, wasn't that keen on it.

IFC responded with:
Update: IFC Films bigwig Ryan Werner says "everything is coming momentarily on Liberal Arts. We've been working with Josh this summer on the materials, etc. And we just did a NYC screening and party at BAM Cinemafest and the film played huge. We remain super enthusiastic."

So that's good news. I can't wait :)

In less positive news, I'm a little concerned about This is Where I Leave You. Last we saw, Adam was scouting locations a month ago. In the meantime though, Rock of Ages underwhelmed both financially and critically. And Jason Bateman tweeted on July 10th that filming of Arrested Development "starts in four weeks" which to me indicates he'll be busy filming that in the fall, overlapping the intended filming period for TIWILY. Further Adam has said nothing and responds to no questions about the project, which is unusual for him, and I haven't seen any production info popping up on any of the databases. So it seems like something fell apart somewhere along the way. I have mixed feelings if this did happen. My main reservation has always been Adam. I love Adam for Hairspray and supporting Zac but his track record otherwise as a director is pretty dim. Otherwise though, I liked the cast, the book, and Zac's character. I liked that it was comedy more than romance for him. And Zac could definitely use a studio project. I guess hopefully it was just pushed back a bit. But I really can't wait for Zac to get back to real work, not just promo. So whatever is happening, I hope he gets back on set soon.

In better news, we should hear next week if At Any Price made it into Venice and TIFF. Fingers crossed. I'm also curious if The Paperboy might screen at TIFF. As a side note, in the upcoming weeks, Liberal Arts will screen at the Traverse City Film Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival and the New Zealand 2012 International Film Festival.
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Bee: Zac - EW - Lying on grass 1jeezbee on July 19th, 2012 01:52 pm (UTC)
I actually don't think the Paperboy reviews are as bad as it might appear. It's just that the ones who hate the movie are the most vocal and loudest which skews perception. Reviews are not ~good~ but personally I don't think this movie will hurt Zac at all.

It would be a different story if it was a studio project which he needs to do well at the box office or he was the only name in the cast, then I would agree but since his costars are even bigger names and Lee is recently Oscar-nominated, I think it will only go down as a controversial project. And at this point in his career I'm not sure that's even a bad thing. Of course it would be better if it had been received well but imo it helps him more to have a "failed" but controversial high-profile project than one which just disappears in obscurity. Yes, this project will most likely be remembered as the project where Nicole pees on Zac but that's ok because it's Nicole Kidman and not some noname actress. I think that's reflected in all media reporting (or even with internet commenters)- NOBODY blames Zac for this project; something they are otherwise very quick to do. If they go after somebody, it's Lee.

If anything, at least it shows to everyone he's not only doing safe kiddie projects but he's willing to take risks and do things which might alienate his fanbase. Personally I don't think it will hurt his reputation - with fans, media or the industry. It just didn't do as much FOR him as I've been hoping for.
annabelle83 on July 19th, 2012 02:12 pm (UTC)
I'm so mad at Lee Daniles for screwing up The Paperboy. Nicole was reportedly paid the industry minimum amount of money, and so was the other major cast. Zac was basically paid almost nothing but he did his best for the movie and apparently did great according to reviews. BTW I read a review where they say the way Lee treated Zac in the movie was similar to how Michael Bay treats his actresses. That's really frustrating.

Still, Zac has At Any Price, and Ramin Bahrani has perfect track record so far.
Sapphirasapphia on July 19th, 2012 02:59 pm (UTC)
I thought, if they are paid the minimum Nicole, they should paid the same rest of the main actors, and Zac too. Isn't it? How can they pay less than the minimum for one of the main roles? And where did you read that Zac had paid almost nothing? I think the minimum - this is almost nothing. I was shocked! $ 65,000! This catastrophically low payment. I hope they have a percentage from the sale of the film.
(Sorry for my terrible English.)
annabelle83 on July 19th, 2012 10:52 pm (UTC)
I think Zac got the same amount of money as Nicole did because they are not allowed to pay lower than 65,000. I was little exaggerating with "almost nothing" comment. :) But it's really really cheap. :/