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Did Maika spill the beans on Venice and Toronto?

In this interview, Maika makes it sound like she knows that At Any Price is going to Venice and Toronto... though she gets the timing wrong.

"And then in end of September I'm going to be going to the Venice Film Festival and Toronto for a project that I did with Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid."

This is great news if true. She also could have meant, "Hopefully we're going..." but At Any Price is an odds on favorite to show up there with Bahrani's history at the festival.

Please do NOT post this info/video anywhere else. I don't think Maika realized this but if this gets out it is grounds for the Festival to kick the film out per:

8.2 Programme

The invitation of a film to participate must remain confidential until the announcement of the programme by the Festival. Failure to comply will result in its exclusion from the selection.

If it is true, we'll find out soon as both Toronto and Venice announce their schedules next week.

ETA: Making this public now that the news is out.
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