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Zac changed publicists recently

Let the record reflect that sometime in May, Zac changed publicists from Gina at BWR to Melissa Kates at Viewpoint. We noticed it a couple weeks ago on imdb but it was recently confirmed to me that Gina is no longer representing Zac. This explains why Gina was not in Cannes.

Kates and her business partner Jennifer Allen were formerly publicists at PMK-HBH and left to form their own company when PMK merged with BNC in 2010. They have decades of experience and they represent some incredible talent. Among others, Kates represents Shia, Josh Hutcherson, and Chris Pine while Allen represents Christian Bale, Matt Damon, and Jesse Eisenberg.

There are a lot of reasons I could talk about for why I think this happened. But in sum, imo Zac wasn't making any gains in a media and image perspective, so maybe they were ready for a change. Whatever the reason, I'm definitely looking forward to what comes of this.
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