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HSM3 Fun in Sydney

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Kenny Ortega took in a harbor cruise where Zac, to the oohs and ahs of the greater Sydney population apparently, took off his long-sleeve shirt in favor of his tee. He showed his guns but also showed he still needs to learn how to make a belt function properly.

Later they ate at Catalina Restaurant. And later yet, back at their hotel, Zac and V tried taking the window apart(?). Some news site in Australia says it was to take in the views or sneak a cigarette, but neither of them smoke and windows are made for looking out of, so I'm pretty sure their actual goal was to flee the Disney Mafia that shadows their every move while out on promo.


Tags: boxers, his arms, hsm3, papz, plaid, shoes: chucks, sunglasses, sydney, wildcats
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