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Round up: Spanish cover, some Paperboy and Bahrani tidbits

Interfilms Magazine

Zac has been on the cover of Spanish magazine Interfilms for The Lucky One:

From The Press Association

Zac on Elizabeth Olsen:

"Elizabeth Olsen is f****** extraordinary, excuse my language. Elizabeth blows my mind, and she'll blow your mind," revealed Zac.

Zac on Getting involved with Liberal Arts:

"I met Josh at the Maui Film Festival in 2010 and he had not directed anything yet at that point. He said, 'I'm going to direct something. If there's a part in it, would you do it?' and I said, 'Absolutely, 100 per cent' because I really, really enjoyed our time spent working with him," he recalled.

"He later called and told me I had a part. I think Liberal Arts is an amazing, amazing film. I'm not sure how I fit in it but I think he made an incredible movie."

Zac about the movies he wants to make with his production company:

"I want to make cool movies that I would go and see. Anything that's innovative, that's new. Edge is the wrong word because I think that implies something kind of risque," he explained.

"I'm not going to make a movie about a concert tour!"

There are also release dates rumored for Liberal Arts in September for the US and Australia, and Oct 5 for the UK but nothing is official yet and can change anytime.

The Paperboy

John Cusack talked a bit about The Paperboy in an interview with Vulture:

Can you tell me about the movie you have at Cannes, The Paperboy? You shot that after The Raven.
It’s based on this Pete Dexter book about these reporters [Zac Efron and Matthew McConaghey] in the sixties who are following this woman [Nicole Kidman] who kind of serially falls in love with people who are on death row. She wants to get this guy off, and they think they can get him off on a technicality. So the ethics of it are dubious as to who’s using who and what the right thing to do is. Why are they following her around for this story? Are they exploiting her or trying to help her?

You’re the guy on death row they’re trying to get off.
Yeah. It’s been said that he gutted a sheriff and he’s in for life. So, they all come to him and then he sort of uses them and initiates them all. Lee Daniels is an intense, intense director. Really liked him. I think I understood him right away or he understood me. Lee wants that sort of psychic space where you don’t know whether you’re supposed to laugh or cry, where you don’t know what to do with your emotions. Are you supposed to be disgusted or in awe?

Zac Efron plays a reporter in the film. Did you guys ever talk about how he can be taken seriously as an adult actor?
Well, I mean my thing on him was he was going to do just fine because he had a certain mind-set that I thought, That’s the way a winner is. He didn’t walk around trying to prove what he knew. He was just totally open to wanting to really work hard and was just really honest about what he didn’t know, which I always think is a smart thing to hear from somebody. It makes you take them seriously because they’re not really pretending.

You visited death row inmates for the role, right? What did you learn?
Well, you have all sorts of ideas about what these types of people are going to be, what it was going to feel like. Then when you get there it’s completely different. Mostly you see people who are just like us. They’re just human. They’re not monsters.

Which is scarier, maybe.
Well, yeah. Because it could be us. But there were a couple people there that had something in them when they looked at you that just … there was sort of a malice to them, where you really did feel there was just no place for them outside those bars. You could feel the hairs on the back of your neck. That’s what I wanted to get for the character. It’s more of a pure kind of predator; like if you see a crocodile or something prehistoric, it has sort of an intelligent kind of cruelty to it. I mean, when I’ve been in Africa or when I’ve seen some of those predators, to me the crocs are the most frightening because they feel so ancient and they feel so intelligent and ruthless. But it’s not as sort of self-obsessed as some of the cats. It’s not as vain.

From Mariah Carey:

ETA: The Paperboy is supposedly screening in Cannes on the 24th of May 2012.

At Any Price

Maika did an interview with Westlake Magazine. Here are the bits about At Any Price and Zac:

Oh and btw, there are rumblings that Zac might go back to DeKalb for reshoots soon. I don't have any confirmation but if they have to reshoot something for the movie with exteriors it makes sense that they had to wait until now since Illinois in winter looks very different.
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