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Apr 30th
05:38 pm
Roundup: Out & About in LA plus TLO Interviews, his Parade recipe, and Second Weekend Box Office  

From JJ, though fwiw I think that's actually Laurel Canyon Country Store,
not Country Mart as the paparazzi labeled it.




BTS from Inside Punk'd
Zac's part starts around 8:20

Link if embed doesn't work.

Zac's Parade recipe
Via ZacEfron_News

Box Office actuals finally came in a little while ago.
Sadly TLO got kicked to fourth by THG and a difference of just


It's not a super-great holdover number but that's okay and expected with the reviews and a demographic target under heavy competition. Plus this weekend the box office was just down in general in anticipation of The Avengers which will kill everyone next week.
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countessm3countessm3 on May 2nd, 2012 01:11 am (UTC)
One of the problems with the book is that Sparks jumps from one character's point of view into another, often without signalling the transition (a new chapter, for instance.) I found this head hopping a bit like that Denzel Washington movie, where the evil demon/devil would jump from one host into another, simply through proximity.
If you happen to be Tolstoy and you're writing Anna Karenina (or Matthew Lewis and you're writing The Monk), then this transition from one character group to another is okay - after all, it's a Russian novel set in old Petersburg society; plus, it's at least 300 pages. But Sparks does it on such a simple book, and what happens with all this head hopping is that characters get "dropped" until they come back into play.
That's pretty much what the movie did. It started out as Logan's story, but ended up being Beth's story, because the only character that changed in the end is Beth.