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Fox News called on their shiz.

Okay. So yesterday Fox News came out with a story that quoted Leo DiCaprio as follows:

But one thing is for sure — DiCaprio is thrilled to have shed the sex symbol status of his younger days.

“I look at young Zac Efron and think 'Go get it pal, leave me in peace,'" he revealed.

“I was never happy with the teen idol tag at all –-never wanted to be a sex symbol or all that stuff –- it was the work that appealed to me. Really nothing else."

But he added that he has "total respect for how young stars like Zac handle it all. Really total respect."

So this story sounds good and awesome, etc. Especially considering how much Zac respects Leo. But, not surprisingly enough (since it is Fox News), it turns out it is completely false!

Gee, color me totally shocked!!!

I'm glad Leo called them on their b/s.

Wonder what other stories they've fabricated?

Oh... this one, at the very least.
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