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Apr 18th
02:59 pm
Lee Daniel's sister Leah tweeted this:

The official Cannes press conference starts tomorrow morning at 11am CET at which point we should get a formal confirmation.
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kleth on April 19th, 2012 02:04 pm (UTC)
I'm counting down the hours 'til tomorrow, so TLO can open and we'll be done with that. Then we can start posting those "I can't wait" messages for The Paperboy, a much worthier movie in which Zac can perform in a mature role that is completely different from his natural persona. He couldn't have known when he signed on for TLO that The Paperboy would be coming along, but now TLO is just a distraction; all the reviewers' hoots and catcalls for TLO can only diminish the impact of The Paperboy later. Why isn't there a skip button on Life's remote controller?