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TLO Odds and Ends Roundup Post


Kyle and Jackie O Interview Zac and Taylor
Whispering During Sex Scenes

source, btw this article is based on this interview.

Melbourne: Zac and Scott talking about meeting with Marines

Adelaide: WhoSay and Facebook Videos

Zac Efron on WhoSay

Zac Efron on WhoSay

Can't embed the Facebook video but it is here

Article: 'Lucky One star Zac Efron joins Port Adelaide AFL club'
Sunday Mail

WHEN interviewing Zac Efron about his new flick The Lucky One, my highest priority was making sure his footy allegiances were correct. You've got to be on your game when new fry comes into town and snap up their support before the others beat you to it.

Armed with a Port Adelaide platinum membership, I raised the prospect of him joining the world's greatest footy team and he was all over it. Jumping out of his seat with excitement, I had scored.

"I've never been to an AFL game before," the heartthrob gushed. "This is it now, I've done everything there is to do in Australia."

So I had him signed up - now all I needed to do was deck him out in the prized jumper. I thought this would be the easy sell, after all he looks good in anything but especially teal, and having recently bulked up by 7kg for his role as war hero Logan Thibault in the Scott Hicks flick, his biceps were always going to work well in the Port Adelaide jumper.

And then came the hitch, in the form of his management. There was no way they were letting him strip off in the middle of Adelaide's Rendezvous Allegra Hotel and peel on the jumper. Woe is me.

Manager aside, Efron's enthusiasm for his new team was obvious. "Oh man this is awesome, I've got to get to a game," he said.

For one of young Hollywood's greatest stars, Efron is grounded, humble and a good sport.

More power to you Zac, and best of luck with your new flick.

Young Hollywood
KCAs, Pivotal Moments, and the Military

WishTV, Pet Pals TV
This isn't working in Firefox for me, but it is in Safari,
so link to their site is below if it isn't working for you

Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling:

Q&A with Boone Narr, Hollywood Animal Trainer
Just the Zac and Rowdy parts

New movie, The Lucky One, included many canine cast members and starred Rowdy, animal trainer Boone Narr’s six-year-old German Shepherd who plays Zac Efron's loyal dog Zeus.

The Lucky One included many canine cast members. Writer Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook) based Zeus (played by Boone's dog, Rowdy) on his own German Shepherd, Rex, one of five dogs Sparks calls his “co-workers.”

Did Zac Efron and Rowdy hit it off on set?

Boone Narr: Yes, Zac came out many weekends to spend time with Rowdy and hung out with the dog as often as he could—even during hair and makeup.

In the movie Logan says, “I just like dogs. More than people sometimes.” Is that how you feel?

Narr: Oh yes. Dogs are what they are. They’re not deceitful and they’re always so happy to see me.

Any fun stories?

Narr: During The Lucky One we were shooting and shooting one day, way past our lunch hour. I’d turned my back and Rowdy took off. We found him at the service table eating a sandwich [Laughs]. You know, there’s a saying attributed to W. C. Fields, “Don’t work with kids and animals.” People think that’s because they’re too hard to work with but it’s not that—they’re scene-stealers. Kids and animals hog the limelight away from the main actors because people love them.

Sparklife Interview with Zac

Q:In this movie, you play a marine who has been through several tours of duty. What kind of training did you do to get ready for the movie?

A: Well, there was a lot of physical training for the film. I was working out for three hours every morning. Also, there was a lot of hanging out with marines, and navy seals. … I had so many wonderful opportunities to work with marines who had been out there and seen combat. And they shared great stories with me. I actually met several of them at Camp Pendleton, and a lot of them had just been on tour and were going back in a couple days, hopefully they’ll be at the premiere. It was great. I mean I couldn’t have felt more out of place. You know, being a musical theater geek, and all. And now I just kinda come in and want to play a marine (laughs). But it worked out really well.

Q: Was it your idea to grow stubble on your face for the film?

Yeah, sort of, I felt like after Logan went through years of being clean shaven and a military haircut, he would give a little bit less effort to his appearance (laughs). To be honest, Scott (the director) was the first to suggest this idea, but I was totally on board. I think I should get some of the credit (laughs).

Q: It’s been said that a common trait among people who have been through actual military combat don’t really care to discuss it with people who have not. It seems that your character, Logan, has that trait.

A: Yes, exactly. And that was what we initially faced when we went over there to talk to the troops. It took about two hours when I first talked to the marines for them to kinda open up a little and realize that we had the most honest intentions. Once they realized that we wanted the truth, as much as we could get, they became so receptive and responsive. It really was an amazing experience.

Q: Did the love scenes with Taylor come naturally?

A: (laughs) Yeah. I mean, both of these characters are out of practice (in the art of love making), you know. Logan has been away at war for a long time, and Taylor’s character has made herself very guarded since her marriage fell apart. So there was a level of eagerness but uncertainty about the whole scene. Which was great because that’s kinda exactly how we were feeling as actors.

Q: In this film one of your costars was a dog, how did that work out?

A: Oh man, we went through so much together. You know at first they wouldn’t let me be around him because the trainers were worried that the dog would lose respect for me if I tried to be around him before he got to know me. But after awhile, the trainers let me near him, and we kinda developed this bond. It was an amazing experience.

Q: Some people find romantic comedies, particularly the ones by Nicholas Sparks, to be over the top. What is your response to that?

A: I guess I would say that love, in general, is over the top. I mean, when you’re in love, truly in love, there is nothing else like it. And in that moment, the most random, corny things can come out of your mouth, but that’s just the effect that love has on a person. At least, that’s the effect it’s had on me (laughs).

Q: Had you read the book before you auditioned for the movie?

A: I was aware of the book but I hadn’t read it yet. I will say that it was amazing to be a part of Sparks’ world. He creates grounded characters that really speak to you. I can definitely recall times when I was like “I know that person!” Or “that totally reminds me of someone I know!” Sometimes there are moments in the story that are heightened, but it’s definitely done for a reason.

Q: Your character stays very even keeled and cool tempered, despite the fact that he is egged on by other characters. At any point when you were shooting the movie did you just want to say “Come on! I’m a marine, let me just punch this guy!”

A: (laughs) Maybe a little at certain points. No, no, I’m kidding. Honestly, I thought it was really cool how he always had such great self-control at all times. In a way, it seemed to me like he had become a weapon. I well disciplined weapon that only attacked when he absolutely had to. This was something I noticed when I was talking with the real marines. They seemed so full of self-control, I really wanted to portray that same sense on camera.

Q: Can you look back at yourself as you’ve evolved as an actor and give us an idea of how you think you’ve developed?

A: Ya know, it’s been a really fun process. And very educational. I can tell you that I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started (laughs) but it’s been an unbelievable ride. I mean, I never thought I’d get to this place today, where I get to play a marine. That just seems unreal to me.

Q: Do you think your musical days are done?

A: No, not necessarily. I love musicals, and if the right project came around I would definitely consider it.

Q: A lot of our readers describe themselves as nerds. What would you say is your biggest nerdy guilty pleasure?

A: Oh definitely my love for musical and drama theater. I’m a theater geek at heart. Nothing makes me happier than being around other people that share my passion for the stage (laughs). Yeah, I’m definitely a big musical theater geek

There is this article from which seems to say it is originally from the NY Times. However I can't find it there so for now, I'm just going to link it because I can't tell if it is pieced together from elsewhere or if anything was made up or what.

CW Twin Cities Interview with Nicholas Sparks

FB Fan Question w/ Nicholas Sparks: Writing Tips

I probably won't keep up with every single review for this film but I'll hit bigger ones for sure. But for now, a few early reviews, fwiw... Matt's Movie Reviews, Urban Cinefile, The Young Folks, Youtube Shipperwar, Preview Films.
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